First National already has four candidates for the second promotion

he is drop from First National It is reaching its decisive stage, and on Sunday it has seen a series of matches leading up to the semi-finals, with the four teams playing the only upgrade to First remaining after Sarmiento de John’s final victory over the first card to the maximum. Category.

Poker-wishers make them Ryo IV students, Who lost the final to the Juninenses and as a condolence directly agreed to the semi-finals from this stage; It bears the same name from CaserosWhich came after the liquidation Atlanta It faces Cordoba. Then the other two who started at this stage of the quarter-finals, Atlético de Rafaela And the Platense.

Today it opened in Rosario, Newell’s Square. There, at Colosso Marcelo Bielsa, Atlético de Rafaela suffered a penalty shootout to beat Quilmes (10 to 9) after a 2 to 2 draw in 90 minutes.

Facundo Sava started off with a win from Mariano Pavone, but Walter Otta’s team turned him over with shouts from Ayrton Portillo and Claudio Bieler (the latter, from a penalty kick). However, when Santa Fe appeared to be winning, Jonas Acevedo scored a draw: only six minutes left.

In the penalty shootout, where 11 shots were taken for each team, Adrián Callelo, of the Quilmes, missed the two who executed (Guillermo Sara stopped one and the other was diverted). In Rafaela only Rodrigo Castro, whose shot hit the stick.

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Then, meanwhile, Estudiantes de Cacerus and Atlanta faced each other in another duel even closer, as a result of which I barely found an imbalance thanks to a Neri Bandera header free kick that arrived in 7 minutes into the second half.

In the last round, after the clash between Pinhas And the BohemiansPlatenci and Restra were measured in a finale – affairs of the Argentine Football Organization – after midnight, starting Monday.

Vicente Lopez’s referees were more during the entire match and were visibly damaged by the referee given by Andres Merlos (one of the country’s referees whose actions have been questioned in recent years), who did not punish Platenci with a clear penalty when they were barely going 13 minutes of play.

There, Eric Tofu wanted to cover the situation before the entrance to the Facundo Korushit area, but in his eagerness to stop him, he did so by extending his arm back and hitting the attacker’s square in the face.

The most strange thing was that Merlus watched the play, but saw that the action was legal and made it known through his gestures.

Restra puts the score against a competitor who always had the lead and was able to hit the penalty shootout, but even though he was a supportive “match point” (if he switched a penalty, he’d won) he ended up facing an experienced Jorge de Oliveira, 38 years old, who scored an amazing goal with his shot and saved it from teammate Matias Vega, rival goalkeeper.

Now, according to the sites given in the schedule of the previous stage, confrontations took place between Estudiantes de Río IV-Estudiantes de Caceres and Platenci-Atletico de Raffaella. Duelists will be played on Wednesday.

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The four teams know what it means to have a history in the highest category: Cordoba played three ancient national championships: 1983, 1984 and 1985.

Meanwhile, the Cassiros students played two courses: the 1977 Patriot and the 1978 Metropolitan.

Platenci is a historic fan captain of the first team, and in fact, he is the 15th team with the most points and matches in Category A in Argentina. However, since landing in 1999, it has never regained that privileged position.

Atletico Rafaela is someone who recently enjoyed being part of the elite: he was in the 2003/2004 season, and despite his decline after that campaign, he came back in 2011 and stayed for six seasons.

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