Find out what new changes the Netflix platform will bring

Netflix It is a subscription streaming service platform that allows its members to watch series and movies on devices connected to the internet. It offers a wide variety of award-winning documentaries, movies, series and original content.

The platform announced it There will be some changes in the project that runs video games through televisions and computers.

In 2021, Netflix decided to offer its users video games for mobile phones and tablets, but for now People in Canada and the United Kingdom will have the ability to enjoy this tool on both TVs and computers.

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“We’re working hard to get where our users are, with a service that’s easy to access, seamless and widespread,” the company’s statement reads.

However, subscribers in other countries are hopeful that this initiative will be launched. In addition, the video games that will see this change will be “Oxenfree”, from Night School Studio (Netflix) and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure”.

It should be noted that users will use their mobile phone as a remote control for video games on the TV, while Mac and PC users will have to do so using a keyboard and mouse.

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On the other side, Netflix has announced that this video game project is still under development so that users can enjoy this tool.

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