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Find out the real location of your contacts without having to download any additional application, because now all you have to do is perform the following simple steps in the WhatsApp application. Just as you read it, although it may sound crazy, we are now more aware that everything in the digital age is evolving significantly!

The king of messaging does not want to be left behind and now includes new functions that many users are still unaware of, which is why we now bring you this tool that can come in handy in different situations. Well, one of these new tools now is the ability to track the location of your contacts in real time without them knowing.

We will soon tell you how to do this successfully.

Image: Canva Track your contacts' location in real-time without them knowing.

The function we are referring to is “Real Time Location” which allows you to know the exact location of your contacts within a certain period of up to 8 hours. It is worth noting that real-time WhatsApp tracking is not lacking. An activity that violates privacy, as its main function is actually to keep informed of the whereabouts of their loved ones, especially parents value this function for the safety of their children.

Guide to access the site in real time

Step 1. Make sure WhatsApp is updated on your device

Step 2. Open the app and find an excuse for the person whose location you want to know to share their real-time location with you.

Step 3. If you are with this person, ask him to lend you his phone.

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Step 4. Check if the device's GPS is enabled, as it will be asked to provide an accurate location.

Step 5. Access the account from WhatsApp and select “Share real-time location” and then add the desired time.

Steps 6. Here's the trick: Once you've shared the location, delete the message saying it was shared with you. This way, the person will not suspect that you are monitoring their location through their smartphone.

Image: Canva Using these simple steps, you can access your contacts' website discreetly and without any complications.

Remember, this real-time option will provide you with information about a person's movements, allowing you to know where they are going and how much time they spend there. The location is almost accurate with a variation of about 1 meter.

Best of all, this is done through a secure app like WhatsApp. Are you going to try it?

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