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In the specialized press, “Medea’s Homecoming” is not memorized, but it has passed the streaming platform in 30 countries and the audience gives it a good rating.

A comedy starring an actor who gets dressed up to play all the characters? Perhaps this plot reminds us of comedies of the 90s – where did it go? Mr. Jose Who is Eddie Murphy? — but it’s an idea that’s still very much alive thanks to Tyler Perry, the creator of the story who’s been doing exactly that for over 15 years. We’re talking about the Madea saga, and its latest release – and there are already 13 and 5 series – has just arrived on Netflix. Coming home financially It premiered on February 26 on the streaming platform After being severely criticized by the specialized press. It is strange that it is sweeping the audience, both in ratings and in views.

The franchise focuses on an elderly African American woman. According to the creator, he is directly dependent on his mother and aunt and uses each movie to honor them. In this episode, Tyler Perry brings Granny back to life physically. Your grandson is about to finish college and graduate, so the whole family gathers together to celebrate. It doesn’t take long for family dramas and squabbles to unfold as one of the members reveals a secret that will change everything. Tragedy is coming.

Movie reviews speak for themselves. “A disaster as usual. Odi Henderson says in Rogerbert. Robbie Colin wrote in Daily Telegraph. “More of the same. The characters are flat and the actors play it that way. Physically it’s still the center of attention,” sees Craig D. Lindsey in AV . Club.

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But many other critics point out as well That’s just what you’d expect from a Tyler Perry comedy.. It’s the same type of movie that’s been out for years, and if audiences have liked it so far, why would it do something different? He has the audience to his advantage. For many, the comedian’s jokes are just what they need to make them laugh. One comment reads “Absolutely loved the movie! I need more. Great job Tyler! Please keep it up because your cinematic productions have come a long way!”.

“The movie was fine. This is my first Medea movie and I only saw it because Mrs. Brown was in it – a character from the Irish series Mrs. Brown’s children-. […] This movie was done well and I laughed a lot”, adds another user. Mainly positive reviews. Critics of the specialized press give it 40% and the audience reaches 73%..

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The proof that it is a movie to be left behind and enjoyed is that Entered the top 10 streaming service in 33 countries. Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, the United States and Canada have signed on to Madea Networks. Spain, at the moment, is not among them. As spectators we preferred to see the new version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Tinder scammer.

It’s one of those cases of movies you love or hate, so you better see it for yourself and rate it for yourself. Coming home financially Available on Netflix along with other comics.

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