Find out how to take care of the financial well-being of our workers in 2021

In the era of the Coronavirus, we have realized, and it seems we have forgotten, that health is the most important thing. The anxiety, pain, and pain due to our own and the suffering of our loved ones have caused increased discomfort in terms of physical and mental safety, and this trend has also spread to companies that are increasingly concerned with health. Health of its workers.

Before we mention physical and mental health, but there is a type of health that has not been said until now; It comes to b Material capacity. It is just as important to be physically and emotionally healthy as it is financially important. And he is that despite the saying “money does not give happiness”, this is true The economic aspect can cause major disruptions and, finally, affect the physical and mental well-being mentioned above for people. For this reason, concern for the financial health of individuals and workers has become a priority in companies worldwide.

Based on this business need and trend, Merit And the RRHHD digital Organizing the webinar “Financial health, a preoccupation for 2021: How we take care of the economic well-being of our workers” Where the keys to financial health will be given and how to take care of employees at the economic level. In addition, new ways of accessing money workers earn such as salary on demand or in real time will also play a leading role in digital socialization.

To talk about financial health we will have Fernando Capello Astolfi, co-founder and CEO, Merit, Collection solutions company for companies and workers. Better to give a global view of what companies and employees demand in terms of financial health and salary. Additionally, we will have human resource experts of standing Anna Romeo, Director of Human Resources at Cigna Espaa, Santiago Manzanero, Director of Human Resources at Unofficial Brand Collection (The group of companies that owns, among others, Taco Bell) And Carmen Maze Carvajal, HR consultant and founder of the company Sea coach.

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The seminar will be held online Next Thursday, January 28 from 10am to 11am And you can subscribe by work Click on aqu.

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