Final Fantasy XVI is causing your PS5 to overheat

Final Fantasy 16 It’s finally here and the reviews are generally positive. It has a 95 rating in our area, and many reviews agree that the game starts off “excellent” and the combat is exciting. However, some users seem to find problems with the battles, although not in the way you might think.

Many players who had early access to the game discovered this Final Fantasy 16 make their own keyboards Playstation 5 Overheating during boss fights. So far, Square Enix hasn’t responded to anyone, but it’s hard to tell how widespread the problem is, given that gamers all over the world have just gained access to the game.

The news was first discovered by Twisted Voxel, who discovered that several users were posting information about how their boss fights were going. Final Fantasy 16 they made PS5 They will overheat. For example, Twitter user TheSphereHunter was a little vague in saying that he was “playing a game that hasn’t been released yet” on June 19, but encouraged players to clean out their accounts. PS5 Before playing new games to try to prevent this from happening to them.

There is also a thread on Reset times Posted over the weekend where someone said they had the same problem with bosses and indicated that it also happened while playing Octobt Traveler 2. Later in the series, the other users also tell everyone to clean up their PS5 to help solve the problem.

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Definitely frustrating to hear that boss quarrels Final Fantasy 16 cause problems with PS5, but hopefully it’s as simple as a quick system scan. Otherwise, players may be left with no options as there may not be much Square Enix can do to fix the problem. Either way, it’s always smart to keep your systems clean of dust and dirt. Not only will it look and play better, but it will also keep your system running longer.

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Editor’s note: Don’t forget to purchase a small screwdriver set to clean any console or PC you own, these fans can be a mess in just a matter of months.

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