Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will reward players of the previous remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake was introduced as a trilogy, suggesting that its sequel would respect the save data of the first installment.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth presents its stunning cover

September’s State of Play delved into the news for next year by revealing the release date of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with an impressive trailer full of details about the sequel’s story or which playable characters will be in it. After this presentation, other details about the duration of the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake also began to be revealed, while now It has been announced that save data can be transferred from one game to another.

And in an interview that includes PlayStation Blog Along with producer Yoshinori Kitase, creative director Tetsuya Nomura, director Naoki Hamaguchi and music supervisor Keiji Kawamori, they asked if it would be possible to load the save game for this game, as a direct continuation of Final Fantasy VII Remake, along with your character designs to continue the game. Journey into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. but, Hamaguchi gave a negative answer…with nuances.

We have announced that the project Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a trilogy and each title can be enjoyed independently“, he begins to explain.For this reason, each game was independently balanced, and Player levels and skills will not transfer from one delivery to another. but, We have created a series of special bonuses For fans who played the previous game, allowing them to start with something extra“.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth rewards for first edition players

Despite the inability to transfer save data from one game to another, those who enjoyed Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 They would be able to get Juggernaut Summoning Material right from the start in their sequelFor those who enjoyed INTERmission, the Yuffie episode exclusive to the remake on PS5, He will grant Ramoh’s summons.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will arrive exclusively on PS5 February 29, 2024, with a short period of exclusivity on Sony’s new console. Given the large number of details being revealed these days, we will have to stay tuned for what happens Tokyo Game Show 2023the next event where Square Enix’s next big release can be seen.

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