Final Fantasy: Ireith shows all her beauty in this cosplay

Aerith Gainsborough is one of the greatest beauties we’ve seen throughout the franchise Final Fantasy And now he’s gone Much more in love with this great one Disguise.

Through her Instagram account, cosplayermusedreaming was responsible for making this entertainment. for him Disguise Depends on the appearance Aeris (also known as) appears in the remake From Final Fantasy VII.

Photo: musedreaming (Instagram)

fanatic Video game It is developed by Square Enix and fans Disguise This entertainment may be stunned. As of this writing, there is one of the most popular posts on your profile Over 12,000 likes and hundreds of positive comments.

Photo: musedreaming (Instagram)

Heir, compassionate, optimistic, cheerful, and intelligent. He has a courageous, optimistic and hopeful attitude towards danger, always encouraging others.

Photo: musedreaming (Instagram)

In other franchise-related news, Tetsuya Nomura, Director Final Fantasy VII remakeHe revealed in an interview that he’s already working on it part two From this great title.

“We know everyone wants the next batch to arrive quickly. We also want to deliver it as soon as possible. We hope to make the next batch of higher quality than the first batch, making the experience better. I think we can speak clearly about the direction the project will take.” Once the second episode is announced“.

what do you think about this Disguise Deerith?


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