Filtered images showing the changes in the interface of Android 12

Google is expected to release the new version of its OS later this year, after a series of previews and developer betas that will likely start rolling out this month.

The first pictures show what a facade is The next release of Android 12, It was filtered on Monday before Gate XDA Developers.

In the screenshots, obtained through the default Google Authentication broker, you can see the changes in Notification Panel, Which will have a light beige background, not transparent, although the color will likely depend on the theme used or if Dark Mode is enabled or not. It will also include 4 quick setting icons, Instead of the current 6, which makes it larger.

In addition, the date and time positions have been modified and made new Privacy Tips In the upper-right corner, which is similar to the one on the latest release of Apple iOS. By clicking on this indicator, the user will be able to find out which applications are using the camera and microphone. In regards to this novelty, there has been a supposed revamp of the “Privacy” settings in Android 12: Users will be able to disable the camera, access the location, and mute the microphone completely.

Finally, Google may have made changes to the Android toolkit. In the pictures, you can see a default The new Conversations tool, Which can highlight recent messages, missed calls, or activity statuses.

Google is expected to release Android 12a version End of this year, After a flurry of developer previews and betas, which will likely start rolling out in February.

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