FIFA will not sanction Mexico for homophobic rants against the United States in Azteca

The Mexican Football Federation will not be punished before FIFA for him An anti-gay cry in the match between Mexican national team And the United State at Aztec Stadium March 24, since then The event was not reported by the FIFA Commissioner.

The Mexican national team delivered the penalty to FIFA.  Photo: Imago7.

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The Mexican national team delivered the penalty to FIFA. Photo: Imago7.

According to the sources consulted by Mediotiempo, Fifa did not report the outcry raised About the end of the meeting, so the next few days tripartite It will come out “clean”. When the authority sends the disciplinary committee report from the past FIFA history, when Mexico Face the representatives of the stars and stripes, Honduras And the savior.

FMF has had ongoing conversations with FIFA To end the multiple penalties he has received since qualifying for Russia World Cup 2018 So on this road towards Qatar 2022 He should have played One game behind closed doors and two max More than two thousand fans in the stands.

The FIFA can no longer punish Mexico Every time you cry On the football field, as long as the The union continues its efforts to eradicate it Through various campaigns like the one he has been through since the problem started in 2016.

So far This possibility is under negotiation It should also be noted There is an operation before TAS by the Union against FIFA For the punishment they wanted to impose on playing knockout matches behind closed doors against them Costa Rica And the Panamaduels it The final was played with a maximum of 2,000 fans in the stands Aztec Stadium.

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