Felix the Cat chronicles its arrival on Nintendo Switch with its first trailer

Good news after some rumors, Nintendo fans. In this case we are talking about a new title announced for Nintendo Switch: Felix the cat. You already know it's about the return of this beloved cat. It has been announced Standard and “Classic” physical editions of NES and Game Boy games by Limited Run Games. The game will be available in a standard edition with a game card and box, as well as a classic edition that includes the original soundtrack, a poster, and a retro-style box inspired by the original NES release. The digital version will be available in the Switch eShop on March 28, 2024.

We leave you with New trailer:

The re-release trailer shows the adventures 8 pieces of the famous Felix the cat, which has been a pop culture icon since its debut in 1919. This release will include both the classic NES title and the Game Boy game released a year later. Thanks to the Carbon Engine and improvements to Felix's bag of magic tricks, new features, such as save states and quality of life fixes, have been added to achieve these features Titles for the modern era of video games.

The relaunch of Felix the Cat seems to be an excellent opportunity for new generations to discover the classic adventures of this iconic character. The combination of Standard Edition and Classic Edition provides engaging options for fans, and modern improvements, such as save states, add convenience without losing the nostalgic charm of the original titles. This version could be Exciting journey For fans of retro games and a charming introduction for those unfamiliar with the antics of Felix the Cat.

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Reservations It is available From February 9 to March 10 and includes:

Standard Edition (PS5, PS4, Switch):

  • Physical copy of Felix the Cat bundle with NES and Game Boy titles.

Classic Edition (PS5, PS4, Switch):

  • Physical copy of Felix the Cat bundle with NES and Game Boy titles.
  • Physical soundtrack on CD with original music from the games.
  • Reversible label.
  • The packaging is inspired by the original NES launch box.

The group is reviving The Adventures of Felix the Cat 8-Bit, with new features like save states and quality of life improvements to bring it in line with the modern era of gaming. At the moment we don't have a trailer, so we'll pay attention to more details.

What do you think of the news? You can share it in the comments. And don't forget, you can also check out the 110 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023.


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