Favorite food that Queen Elizabeth ordered for delivery to Buckingham Palace

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The Queen Isabel Very attached to the traditions of the crown, she was a queen who tried to follow the rules and protocols of the letter from the time she came to the throne. Although over time it succumbed a bit with the advancement of society, technology and the times, She will always be remembered as one of the most traditional and longest-lived queens who lived through many historical events.

Speaking of the food in the palace, they have famous chefs who prepared whatever she wanted, how she wanted and at the time she chose; for example, She didn’t like garlic so she asked for it to be completely removed from any recipe. But there was a dish that made him an exception and was not made in his kitchens because of that I loved her order for delivery.

What a surprise to receive an order from Buckingham Palace and have your team pick it up before the King of England eats it, isn’t it? He already had the restaurants he liked in a good location and in turn they knew exactly when it was a Queen’s purchase, so Whenever she wanted, they pampered her as much as possible.

Favorite dish he ordered for delivery was “Fish and Chips”, A famous preparation in the UK is so popular that even Queen Elizabeth II could not resist it.

She never eats away from home because she has strict rules that she has to follow for fun and safety. To avoid any poisoning, ill or even intoxication. He did this a few times at Buckingham Palace but in fact where he ordered most of the delivery was at his surviving residence located in Scotland, can you imagine the King relaxing on his estate and asking for “fish and chips”.

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