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United kingdom. – Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson announced via Twitter new details of his global virtual event away from home. it’s about A small behind-the-scenes documentary from their festival plus a full concert which his fans will be able to see for free through Veeps.

Lewis first announced his festival in July of this year, after he was forced to postpone his 2020 world tour due to the pandemic. The concert was held on August 30th and Louis decided it Free event As a way to repay the support of his fans.

The musician delivered an emotional show full of energy that roused the nostalgia of his fans who expressed their feelings through memes on Twitter, making the Brit and festival name popular.

More than 8,500 fans got tickets to Away From Home, a completely free one-day event that Tomlinson held on August 30 at the Crystal Palace Bowl in London. This Saturday 4th September singer He decided to broadcast his presentation around the worldFor fans who couldn’t come to the concert.

The virtual festival started with a small documentary where we watched Louis and his team plan the event. Fans will also be able to enjoy 70 minutes from one of his concertsPlus a behind-the-scenes sequence. Without a doubt, an event that brings the singer closer to his fans than ever before.

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More than one fan has requested that the documentary be put on a streaming platform so he can enjoy it at any time, but so far there are no details on whether Lewis plans to show it on any of the streaming platforms. Finally, the singer took the chance too Introducing their new song “Change”, a sentimental song that talks about staying the same inside despite all the changes that are happening in the world.

Finally, it is worth noting that in the past hours the singer has published a large number of tweets in which he appears Thanks to his fans for all the support that you received in this new project.

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