Far Cry 7 will be released in 2025 with a non-linear story, according to a well-known leaker

The game’s length and important unpublished mechanics are among the possible leaked details.

Far Cry 7 will be full of new features

If a month ago Ubisoft was hiring employees to develop a new Far Cry game, it seems that now new details have been leaked about the seventh main installment of the saga after Tom Henderson, one of the well-known Insider Gaming leakers, said at the beginning of the year that Far Cry 7 It wasn’t the only project in development, as there were also A multiplayer indie shooter set in the Alaskan wilderness.

According to Henderson, the big new hook for Far Cry 7 will be The non-linear story will come with a time limit imposed on the players. According to the rumour, players will have to rescue the protagonist’s relatives from a conspiracy group known as the Sons of Truth throughout a story that will not be told in a linear manner, meaning that Family members can be rescued in any order.

The latest highlight of Far Cry 7’s story is that… It will change based on the player’s actions, meaning that one family member may die and others survive, which is common in decision games. However, to complete the story 100%, all family members must be rescued within a specific time period of 72 hours in the game, which will result in… 24 hours real time.

These details can vary throughout the development process, Henderson explains A new interrogation mechanism has already been implemented For players to interrogate enemies, they will likely receive different answers after telling the truth, lying, choosing silence, or even trying to escape.

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Far Cry 7 will arrive in 2025

Far Cry 7 will be responsible for Ubisoft Montreal, who was responsible for Far Cry 2, 3, 4 and 5, it should be remembered that the final installment of the saga was in the hands of Ubisoft Toronto. Another novelty would be changing the engine, moving from Dunia to Snowdrop by Massive EntertainmentIt was used in The Division and Mario + Rabbids, as well as future games like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, XDefiant, and Star Wars Outlaws.

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