“Family Ties,” by Ken Loach: The “inflation” of the economy | Theatrical version only

Family Relationships 5 points

Sorry we missed you; United Kingdom, 2019.

Title: Ken Loach.

script: Paul Lafferty.

Period: 101 minutes.

Translators: Chris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Proctor, Nikki Marshall, Harriet Jost and Linda Greenwood.

the first show: In rooms only

Twice winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival thanks to The wind that caresses the meadow (2006) and Yo, Daniel Blake (2016), British director Ken Loach He built a filmography, over the course of more than half a century – his debut, poor cow, dating back to 1967 – almost always focused on the uses and habits of the most popular segments of island society. Its protagonists are usually hardworking men and women, the kind who only arrive with enough to make ends meet, if they do. Amputee dream characters whose main problem is action (or lack thereof) and who aspire to stop fate with honesty and nobility, two qualities that apply to the way Loach usually appears, so long as the will to denounce and it ends. Just cut in service to the wrath of others. This is the case family ties, his latest work and part of the main section of the 2019 edition of the French festival, which at this point in his career is like his backyard.

Written by his regular contributor Paul Lafferty, family ties It is a loach movie about ‘Greatizing’ the economyIt is a shame that what dressed up as “entrepreneurship” is nothing more than a new form of job insecurity. The instability that appears here as an obvious fate, as the relentless end point of the good-looking Ricky and his family. The man is in his forties and has done jobs of all kinds and colors, as recounted in the job interview in the first scene. Your goal is to get into a door-to-door delivery company with the promise of a good income. Of course, for this you need a truck that you do not own or rent from the company, thus significantly reducing your share of the loot. The decision he agreed with his wife was to sell the car to buy a utility car. A problem for her, who works as a home nurse and from now on she will have to fulfill her busy schedule on public transportation.

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Ricky’s (Anonymous Chris Hitchin) problem is what a surprise As a worker, it is your responsibility to bear all expenses. Was your shipment stolen? Insurance covers goods, but not GPS – £500 less income. Should you order a day for an urgent family order? A fine of one hundred pounds. Do you want to give birth with your daughter? You can’t because customers are complaining. Did the truck break down? To pay for the settlement with your income (zero). Ricky is more indebted than he was before the start of the business, and Ricky also has to contend with his teenage son’s rebellion and the fragility of his 11-year-old daughter who only absorbs the controversy between her parents and the murderous atmosphere that surrounds them. But Ricky is a man of solid wood, a bull who steps forward with nobility and a genuine desire to advance for him and his children. However, Loach doesn’t seem to care much, and there’s an endless backlog of problems in store for him: it’s as if he’s been reeling from him just to confirm his hypothesis that the contemporary world of work, for far too long. Population sector, a daily battle for survival. Chocolate News.

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