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instant messaging platform , introduced a new update that brings with it up to three different functions: first, it will benefit all users who want to send voice messages; The second is a great WhatsApp-style privacy tool; And third, it’s a limited option, as only those based in the US can use it.

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What are the features of the new Facebook Messenger for 2022

These functions Facebook Messenger It is already available for all users who have Apple iOS or Android operating system, just update the app from App Store or Play Store respectively.

The first change can be seen when sending a voice note, because now three new controls will appear, on the left you will have a button to pause the sound you are recording, after touching it a new section will open, here you have two more buttons, to reproduce the sound (play) and those that allow You continue to register.

This is what the new voice messaging functionality looks like (Photo: GEC)

What is more, Facebook Messenger It will now give you the possibility to record a voice message of up to 30 minutes max, which doesn’t seem logical because it would be better to make a phone call or a video call.

Technology Gate new hatsIt also revealed the arrival of a privacy function called Vanish Mode, which will allow photos, videos or gifs you send through the app to automatically disappear after the recipient has finished viewing them.

Finally, the broker in question clarified that a “split payments” option has also been added, although it is somewhat limited, as it can only be used in the US. Facebook Messenger It is suggested that users split the bill or pay something they have consumed in a batch in equal parts, and internet users from other countries will still have to wait for this new tool.

Do you have a problem with Facebook Messenger And you want to report it? click To report something not working properly in the app. If you want to report abuse or other conversations that violate the Messenger rules, tap below . You can also shake your smartphone to report a problem.

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