F1 permanently cuts ties with Russia

This 2022 F1 says goodbye to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. | Photo: Reuters.

F1 says goodbye to Sochi and Saint Petersburgafter The Formula 1 promoter announced Thursday that he has terminated his contract with the company promoting the Russian Grand Prix.after The Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Formula 1 can confirm that the contract with the promoters of the Russian Grand Prix has expired, which means that Russia will not have a race in the future.”the F1 promoter told the press.

This decision is made after 2022 Russian GP It was canceled last week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; any It was to be the last organization in Sochi before it was moved from 2023 to Saint Petersburg.

The decision announced on Thursday is another decision to be added to a series Actions taken by various international institutions against Russian sportsbehind the Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

As it happened on Monday when The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has urged that Russians and Belarusians be excluded from all sportsThus breaking a long tradition of non-interference in political or geopolitical debates.

for this part, The FIA ​​has decided to allow Russian and Belarusian drivers to participate under a neutral flag In competitions organized by this institution, including Formula 1.

However, No international competition will be held in Russia or Belarus until further notice. And the “The flag, symbol or anthem of Russia and Belarus will not be used in international competitions until further notice.” The FIA ​​said this week.

So, the future of the Russian pilot Nikita Mazepin in Formula 1 Unconfirmed, it is associated with the sponsorship of the American team Haas and its main Russian sponsor Uralkali Group, which specializes in the production of potash.

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Mazepin reached Formula 1 last year He is the son of a millionaire and a Russian oligarch Dmitriy Mazepin A shareholder of Uralkali, who joined the Haas team in the same year as the team’s lead sponsor.

However, the British Federation (Motorsport UK) went further on Wednesday, banning Russian or Belarusian drivers from competing in the UK.

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