Eza Gonzalez bids farewell to the platinum blonde after a week of her stunning appearance

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Eza Gonzalez Change the picture again, this time Says goodbye to the platinum blonde who debuted last week. The Hollywood actress paralyzed the red carpet for the UK premiere of ‘Ambulance’.

The actress doesn’t stop talking about what she’s talking about, whether because of her love life, the hit movies she’s in, or as in this case she changes her appearance. Eza Gonzalez is currently promoting her movie Jake Gyllenhaal.

Eza Gonzalez is back to her roots

After spending an entire week arguing about her platinum blonde, Eza Gonzalez is back to her roots and donning her brown hair again. Many of his fans praised this decision: “Really this is the color you should always use“.

Eza Gonzalez was heavily criticized even by stylists, who claimed that they did a bad job for the actress, so her hair looked different shades. However, days later, he updated his Instagram profile showing off his perfect blonde hair.

Despite the fact that there are those who have praised her shocking transformation, the “Baby Driver” actress has been spotted with the natural color of her hair to continue promoting her latest movie. Through a post on social networks, Isa Gonzalez showed her new look and her fans left messages such as: “Please don’t go blonde again.“.

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