‘Extra Life’ excursions in Nutopia; Bossa Nova sales in the MENA region; Insight TV specializes in China

Movistar, SBS, and Kan claim Nutopia Extra life

Movistar in Spain, the Australian channel SBS, and the Israeli public channel Kan, are among the stations that have transferred the rights to the science and history program from Nutopia Extra Life: A short story about living longer.

The 4×60-minute series, originally produced for PBS in the US and BBC in the UK, reveals the little-known stories about scientific and medical innovations that doubled human life expectancy in less than a century.

It is sold by Cinexlif Rights, which also has agreements with VRT (Belgium), SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland), Radio Canada and BBC Poland.

Richard Live, director of acquisitions at Cineflix Rights, acquired Jane Root’s Nutopia chain for international distribution, saying the show offers a “successful blend of history and science of extraordinary, high-caliber medical breakthroughs. Nutopia’s exceptionally high production rate.”

traffic cop

CBS Reality llama BossaNova traffic cop

CBS Reality has claimed its rights in the Middle East and North Africa for ten seasons of traffic cop, the New Zealand-based program sold by financier and distributor Paul Heaney recently launched, BossaNova.

The channel, which is operated by AMC Networks International UK (AMCNI UK) and ViacomCBS Networks International, has acquired the rights to 35 regions in Europe, as well as Russia, the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

traffic cop It is produced by Greenstone in New Zealand and tracks drivers who do not adhere to the rules of the road.

The deal was negotiated by Tatjana Kostovski, who joined the BossaNova sales team earlier this summer, TBI revealed.

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AMCNI UK also acquired the twelfth season of border guards, Also produced by Greenstone, the third season by Stampede Production US Border Force: Bridges For CBS Reality in Poland and Africa.

Katie Ormerod

Insight TV reaches the first Chinese professional

Channel operator and producer Insight TV is preparing for its first Chinese co-production after partnering with China Media Group (CMG) on a six-part documentary series that follows athletes as they prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Winter is gone It will provide insight into the daily rituals of a variety of international athletes as they prepare for a variety of winter sports, including snowboarding, downhill skiing and snowboarding.

The 6×50-minute show was produced in association with CMG affiliate CCTV9 and will feature athletes such as Mexican snowboarder Donovan Carrillo, Chinese freestyle skier Eileen Jo, British snowboarder Katie Ormerod and American alpine skier Alice Meriwether, among others.

Dreamia in Portugal is expanding its offering to Hollywood

Channel operator Dreamia Portugal, backed by AMC, has acquired the rights to the final seasons of the celebrity-focused series. Hollywood news feed And Zoom.

The series, which is 52 x 15 minutes and 104 x 6:30 minutes respectively, will be broadcast on Dreamia’s Canal Hollywood in Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa. The deal was concluded through distributor and producer Prime Entertainment Group.

Hollywood news feed Focuses on the glamor and charm of Los Angeles, while Zoom Provides a behind-the-scenes look at film production.

Dreamia is operated as a joint venture between NOS, headquartered in the Netherlands, and AMC Networks International Southern Europe.

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