Exports continue on the path of recovery but grew by only 5.7% in August in Djiputhkoa

Metals and manufactures continue to drive exports.

Overseas sales reached 565 million in the eighth month of the year, while increases in Bizkaia and Alava were 51.6% and 53.2%, respectively.

Emmanol Lisasuene

Overseas sales of goods and services from Djibuzcoa have become the engine supporting the territory in the economic recovery after the crisis caused by the pandemic, although according to the latest data released this morning by Eustat, it registers only one slight increase of 5.7% in August compared to the same month From last year, it reached 565 million, supported by a growth of 9.3% for metals and articles thereof, 7.1% for materials, machinery and electrical appliances and 47.4% for paper and articles thereof. The components crisis caused a drop in transportation equipment (-13.5%), with exports down 15.9 million from the same month a year earlier. The year (January – August) recorded a growth of 17.3%, and exports recorded 5,105 million, an increase of 752 over the same period in 2020.

Bizkaia also recorded a good development with a rise of 51.6% in August, and Alava advanced with very similar numbers (53.2%), which means that the Basque Country as a whole recorded an increase in exports by 32.7%, until it reached 1697 million. In the first eight months of the year, the Basque Country recorded an increase of 23.9%, and generated sales volumes abroad of 16,350 million. The increase in these sales in August is largely due to the good performance of energy products, which grew by 292.6%, from 38.9 million in August 2020 to 152.9 this year.

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Also of note is the rise in transport equipment (51.5%), metals and articles thereof (33.2%), chemical products (108.5%) and, above all, mineral and energy products (261.5%). The value of exports in total amounted to 1,697 million euros, compared to 1,279 million euros in the same month of the previous year.

In August, five countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States) were the main customers of the Basque country, absorbing 52% of the Basque country’s total exports. Three of them belong to the European Union, an entity that accounts for 63.5%. Germany leads the ranking of overseas sales in the Basque Country in the cumulative year, with 16.6% of total exports, followed by France (15.8%), the United Kingdom (6.9%), the United States (6.0%) and Belgium with 5.4%.

With regard to imports, the largest increase occurred in Bazkaia (78.6%), due to an increase in purchases of mineral and energy products (117.1%) and metals and their products (141, 9%). The progress in Gibuzcoa was 29.7%, mainly due to the rise (37.4%) of metals and articles thereof, materials, machinery and electrical appliances (36.5%); Also in Alava, the balance was positive due to an increase in purchases of goods by 4.9% thanks to a rise in metals and articles thereof (42.0%).

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