Explora León strives to have audiovisual systems; They allocate 43 million pesos

Explora will redesign the Leonardo da Vinci Theater and as part of the improvements will implement a new display system that will replace the existing screen IMAXwhich has shown several films since 1994, the year the Science Center opened its doors.

This was stated by the Director of Explora, Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, to the Health, Sports and Recreation Committee; Determine that the project cost 43 million pesosOf which 23 million will go to acquire the team.

He added that as part of the Science Center’s transformation project, it is proposed to change the IMAX system, which is an analog and tape-based system, to a digital system that is one of the most advanced in the world.

This update will allow Explora to expand the range of projections it offers its visitors, as it will give it the opportunity to showcase premiere films, whether cultural or commercial, as well as any high-quality digital signal.

In addition, picture and sound quality will be improved, while energy consumption is reduced. The new system will have a useful life of about 40,000 hours, which translates to 36 years of activity.

Gerardo Ibarra Aranda explained that the existing IMAX system is being rented for a total of $8,000 per month, so the new digital system is slated to be owned by the Science Center.

Other savings in terms of operation will be added to the savings from not leasing the equipment, as well as the fact that no royalties or trademark fees will be paid, while there will be other savings as there will be no need for printing and transferring films on tape.

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The cost of the project is 43 million pesos, 23 million of which are for the purchase of equipment and the rest for re-design and required procedures.

Of this total, the Guanajuato state government will contribute 33 million pesos and the remaining 10 million will come from municipal resources.

Ibarra Aranda confirmed that this redesign has already received permission from the Explora Board of Trustees, and that it will go to the corresponding municipal bodies until the 10 million pesos allotment is approved by the local government.


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