Experts from the UK Climate Change Committee arrive in Chile to advise on the implementation of the Climate Change Framework Act – MMA

  • Two members of the UK Committee on Climate Change will visit Chile to support national experts in establishing a similar committee in the country, and to share experiences on carbon budgets, mitigation and adaptation.

In a joint effort to address the challenges of climate change, Chile will this week welcome the visit of two members of the UK Climate Change Committee, Sacha Abraham and Emily Nurse, who, thanks to the support of the British Embassy in Chile, will from 15 to 17 November be in the country to explore how to move forward. In the Climate Change Framework Act, drawing on core elements of UK legislation, particularly the use of scientific evidence for decision-making.

The presence of British experts is of particular importance, because one of the crucial elements of the Chilean Framework Law is the establishment of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Climate Change, the regulations of which will soon be published. This committee, like the British committee, will provide essential scientific advice for formulating and updating climate change management tools.

The UK Committee on Climate Change acts as an independent body to advise the UK Government on climate issues and emissions reductions. Sasha Abraham and Emily Nurse, experts in international climate and carbon budgets respectively, will share experiences on how the UK organizes its carbon budgets and translates these into effective public policies.

The series of meetings with the Department for Environment, Energy and Science and the Inter-Ministerial Technical Group on Climate Change (ETICC) aims not only to understand the UK process, but also to receive recommendations on how to address specific challenges to implementation. Framework law in Chile

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This knowledge exchange promises to be an important step in international cooperation to tackle the climate crisis, as Chile and the UK work together to develop policies based on scientific evidence.

Since the adoption of the Climate Change Framework Law in 2022, Chile has achieved a milestone in its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change, and complying with assumed international obligations. The legislation places scientific principle as the cornerstone, ensuring that mitigation and adaptation measures are based on the best scientific information available.

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