Evo Morales requests investigation into international conspiracy against Bolivia


Peace-. Former Bolivia President Evo Morales today called for an in-depth investigation into foreign participation in the coup that brought former de-facto president Jeanine Anez to power in 2019.

We demand a thorough investigation into this criminal attack on democracy and peace in Latin America. It is time to put an end to US-sponsored military, congressional, judicial and unconstitutional coups to subjugate peoples and plunder natural resources,” the MAS leader wrote on Twitter.

In his account on the social network, Morales referred to the plans of an international conspiracy, which was recklessly confirmed by the Argentine newspaper Pagina 12 attributed to the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, confirmed that it is Condor’s plan for the twenty-first century.

“By accepting a president from the far-right, it is proven that the governments of Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina, who were subordinate to the United States, have conspired and cooperated with the coup in Bolivia that led to persecution, massacres and corruption,” the first indigenous president described. For this nation located in the Andes and the Amazon.

Indications of that conspiracy around the November 10, 2019 coup in Bolivia emerged from an investigation by Pagina 12.

“Former President of Bolivia Jeanine (Añez), I was with her once, she is a nice person who is imprisoned,” Bolsonaro confirmed in an apparently involuntary expression, according to the River Plate publication.

With no news yet of any official meeting between the two, a possible secret conversation emerges as the visible end of an ice floe hiding beneath the South American giant’s support for the sectors that toppled the constitutional president (Morales).

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The journalistic investigation indicates that this thread presupposes secret flights, the escape of ministers, and possibly the delivery of weapons to the sectors of the Bolivian coup.

She adds that Bolsonaro did not specify the place and time of his meeting with Anez between November 2019 and December 2020, the month in which the current Bolivian President Luis Arce took office after winning the elections.

However, he notes that in that period of just over 12 months, the Bolivian presidential ship has been frequently and clandestinely heading to Brazil, a process that can only take place with the permission of the de facto head of state or with her on board.

Some YouTube channels that normally support Bolsonaro, apparently aware of the seriousness of his confession to meeting ñez, have removed them from the network.

This potential evidence could be presented to the court which, as of this week, will try the former de facto ruler and former army and police chiefs in a process called a second coup.

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