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The first step for platform releases is usually big: it doesn’t matter if critics praise or insult them. They always tend to rise to the top in terms of number of views and, thanks to their new status, reach the peak of their popularity. This is what happened to Imprisonmentwhich arrived in Spain on November 1 and rose silently to the summit most watched On your streaming service.

It was a successful platform netflix, Which launched this joint production project between France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. for now, Imprisonment It has dropped into the top 40 most popular titles in IMDb It is among the ten most visited Rotten tomatoesYes, she has to settle for a dispiriting 33% approval rating from critics, and an even more eloquent 20% approval rating from the general public.

What is “Encierro” about?

The screenplay for this psychological thriller is written by Rowan Joffe, a story writer After 28 weeks also American And the son of director Roland Joffé (the mission also Silent screams). Imprisonment It starts from a hypothesis that is not particularly known to many: The difficult relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law.

In this case, Lena, the heroine of the film, goes further than usual, and after allowing herself to be drawn into a whirlpool of betrayals and lies, she begins to think about killing her mother-in-law, who is also her adoptive mother. Because she is married to her ex-brother. However, it may The border between prey and hunter Not entirely clear.

Frame from “Encierro”

Tom Hiddleston in Loki, Season 2

Who acts in “Encierro”?

At the forefront of this film is Famke Janssenone of those actresses that everyone has seen somewhere, even though her name is probably not well known: for example, she was Tom Kane’s mother in Black list Or Jean Gray in the first installments of X-Men. Easiest to locate is Where is Cole?one of the Shelby brothers Slim masksAlthough her last name in the series is traced back to her mother, Polly Gray. Next to them Rose Williams, Anna Friel And Alex Hasselland less famous than those mentioned.

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