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Betting on education, science, art, and technology as commodities for Sinaloans, the state government, jointly with the Sinaloa Science Center and Telefónica Movistar Foundation, is presenting the Video Games Exposition: Sides of the Screen, demonstrating a journey through the influence of video games in recent decades.

This show comes from Madrid where it was held in 2019, and it was a very complicated proposition because the idea was that it could target both people who love video games and people who never knew anything about them, and that they would all be very interesting, at the same time that they discovered things. Both.

Euridice Cabañes, is the one who curated the entire exhibition as different areas are also shown, from the creative processes of how video games are executed to their economic and social impact.

He also realized the good work being done at Sinaloa building the furniture and the pyramids where the things were placed.

“Much of the exhibition production was done inside the science center itself, that is, what we can see monetizing with 3D images, all the furniture and pyramids, nothing else has been sent to the maps and here they are built, and then they will travel to Mexico City. Good for work done here and there, ”he said.

This exhibition remains open to the general public from May 5, until August 30, 2021 in Materia, the new science center museum in Sinaloa.


“The video game is the way technology reaches homes.”

Eurydice Cabanes


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