EuroMillions puts the €200 million jackpot in play: when will the draw take place?

Millions of euros It offers you a great opportunity to start the month of December with the best news: A special draw accumulating a jackpot of 200 million euros. If you dream of winning a million dollar prize, then next Friday, December 1, you have a new opportunity. Regardless of the accumulated amount, in these draws known as Big Friday“, the prize is guaranteed in nine figures.

Occasionally EuroMillions are offered“Very special boat” also “Big Friday” who arrives on this occasion 200 million eurosWithout a doubt, a great incentive to participate and spend Christmas without depriving yourself of any luxury. These special boats have Minimum guaranteed prize With a value of 100 million euros.

Euromilones: This is the next superdraw date

he Special “Big Friday” gift It will be celebrated on December 1, and will be the fourth this year. The last ones were held on September 29, June 2, and March 3, 2023. In June, luck traveled to United kingdom With one guess. For its part, the boat remained in September France With a prize of 130 million euros.

If no one wins the millionaire jackpot on Friday night, The jackpot will continue to accumulate Until someone matches the five main numbers and the two stars, or until they reach… The limit is now set at 240 million From the euro.

Which countries play EuroMillions?

It must be remembered that, like the usual prizes, this draw is not exclusive to them Spainbut all participating citizens of the specific European countries playing Euro millionHe will be able to aspire to achieve 200 million euros. Participating in this draw: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria.

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What prizes does EuroMillions have?

Out In addition to other additional prizes Within EuroMillions such as “El Millón”, which is Alphanumeric code Included in both tickets. With this special game, users can win up to One million euros Extra without having to guess the EuroMillions combination.

Some of the nine countries have exclusive draws, e.g EuroMillions Plus Irish, which offers a unique draw with 10 prizes worth 5,000 euros in each draw. For its part, “Joker” offers Luxembourg the opportunity to win up to 500,000 euros by matching six numbers in their correct order.

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