EU sales to the UK fell 15% between January and October | Economie

Exports from the European Union to the United Kingdom fell fifteen percent in value between January and October, the first ten months of effective implementation of Brexit, while British imports fell in the opposite direction by thirty percent.

Sources from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, on the occasion of a conference in Paris in the first year of Britain’s exit from the European Union organized by the French presidency of the European Union, explained that the sectors most affected were cars, textiles and aviation. sectors.

The sources pointed out that it will still be necessary to wait for some time to see if this decline is moderate in the medium term, because the collapse in stock exchanges during the first months of 2021 could weigh on other phenomena, such as the impact of Covid. crisis.

According to French authorities, 90-95% of pre-Brexit trucks currently travel between France and the UK, either via the Channel Tunnel or through ferries covering lines between UK ports. Northern France and Southern England.

In total, there were 3.6 million trucks that used these two routes last year. Keep in mind that links between France and Great Britain account for about 80% of all merchandise exchanges between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The rest is carried out between the UK and other EU countries, especially Belgium and the Netherlands.

Since the start of Britain’s exit from the European Union on January 1, 2021, French customs have implemented a device called a “smart border” to prevent the flow of trucks from Great Britain as little as possible.

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Thanks to this, 90% of trucks – as long as the carriers have their papers in order – do not have to stop at customs. The remaining 10% is sanitary control.

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