Esteban Villegas guarantees medical care in the field of physical and mental health – El Sol de Durango

24 hour service guaranteeseven days a week, is one of the most important commitments I have made Stephen Villegas in matters Physical and mental health.

This was revealed during the invitation tour for the candidate for the position of Wali DurangoNominated by the “Va por Durango” coalition that confirmed this in this region of the state In clinics today there is no minimum“The situation is so complex that there is not even paracetamol for patients,” he said.

The candidate stated that epidemic By forced Covid-19 Health is now a priority for everyonefor this he promised to improve medical care in clinics and hospitals in Durango, because now they lack the bare minimum, since there is not even paracetamol for patients.

In Comarca Lagunera, the standard-bearer of the “Va por Durango” alliance said that one of the People’s greatest demand, is that there are good health servicesespecially for women and the elderly, but also for the treatment of mental health problems.

He admitted that health coverage outside the state capital is today in conditions that do not allow people to serve on weekends or at night.

That is why one of the most important commitments adopted by Esteban Villegas is to Guaranteed attention 24 hours a day, seven days a weekin matters Physical and mental healthAfter the crisis caused by the epidemic, health and the provision of medicines have become a priority for all.

The candidate also considered it important to allocate sufficient resources to attend Mental illnessWhich was the result of the COVID-19 pandemic alarmingly increased.

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He noted the shortage of medicines that the health system currently suffers from throughout Mexico, and that since the establishment of INSABI, there is not even paracetamol in clinics, so it is difficult to find specialized medicine, because the mental health issue requires long and expensive treatments.

With the candidate of the “Va por Durango” coalition in Lerdo, Homero Martinez, He also announced the commitment to build an equipped hospital in this municipalityIt is a very necessary requirement to meet the demand of the people in the face of demographic growth in the region.

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