Esports is already part of a prestigious award in the UK

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Although complications from the COVID-19 pandemic have had an impact on the esports scene, it is designed for fans to attend competitions in large arenas. Now that things are starting to get better, video game competitions can continue on their upward trajectory and part of it has to do with recognition from other entities. Well, the UK has done the same that esports players may already be eligible to win the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Young people from 130 countries win the Duke of Edinburgh Prize

According to the information received from, the committee responsible for Duke of Edinburgh Award He accepted esports on the list of activities that youngsters can do to be the favorites to win. This award is funded by the British Royal Family and provides the necessary resources so that those selected can advance in the sector in which they excel, in order to give them the tools, opportunities and follow-up to become recognized members of society. In fact, some of the reputed universities take into consideration those who are part of this initiative to undertake their postgraduate studies.

According to the information, it was approved to accept esports as an activity for the Duke of Edinburgh Award after submitting it to a review process where it was confirmed that playing video games at a professional level leads to improving skills and developing strategic thinking and decision-making.

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Similarly, those responsible for the award conducted a survey with more than 1,000 entrepreneurs who, for the most part, stated that they would be willing to hire a young man who at some point in his life devoted himself to esports.

Finally, it has been reported that those young people from 130 countries being considered for the Duke of Edinburgh Prize for esports must belong to a recognized and professional group on the scene, or a school program that supports video game competitions, plus they should complement their passion for gaming with other personal and social activities.

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