Epic Games founder slams Twitter ban: “The internet is increasingly broken”

A few hours ago, Twitter restricted access to the social platform and only registered users or account users can view the site. This new procedure was not popular with many, including the founder of Epic Games.

Tim Sweeney, like many regular users, makes use of his Twitter account to express opinions and chat with users of the platform. The director did not abandon Twitter’s recent inflammatory action, but rather expressed harsh criticism not only of those responsible for this action, but of surfing the Internet in general.

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For Tim Sweeney, the Internet is breaking more and more

Sweeney quickly recognized the change and took advantage of the situation to explain that for him “the Internet feels more and more broken” and proceeded to explain that he believes this for various reasons that hinder online navigation.

“The internet feels more and more broken. News sites have paywalls or accounts banned, reddit has spam walls, Google search throws advertising spam and SEO to the point of uselessness, and now Twitter has account walls,” said the director. “Browsing the web is terrible now.”

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Not only did Musk see Sweeney’s post, but he also took the opportunity to explain the reasons for his decision and reiterate that there are many companies that do “data scraping,” which consists of extracting information from a site to request it in a computer document, and even allowing it. Artificial intelligence to access the content of the platform.

“What should we do to stop this?” Musk asked. “I am open to ideas.”

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