Environmental films from Ecuador, the UK and Brazil win Ecuador Film Festival

Quito, May 25 (EFE).- Four environmental films from Ecuador, the United Kingdom and Brazil won during the 9th edition of the Ecuador Festival, which presented the “Let’s Be the Voice of Nature” awards, organizers said on Saturday in a press release. statement.

The International Environmental Film Festival was held in Quito from May 9 to 19, and the recently released documentary River Life by Ecuadorian directors Jorge Juan Anhalzer and Naya Andrade received the Best National Production award.

The awards presented by the festival’s programming committee also recognized Nixon Andy’s production of “Yoko Kofan” as best short film, which depicts the creation of the indigenous guard of the Aye Kofan community, in Senangwe, on the banks of the Nile River. Aguarico, in the Ecuadorian Amazon, to protect its territory.

The title of Best Feature Film went to the Brazilian film “Tread Gently on Earth” by director Marcos Colon.

This brings together the stories of Katia, the chief of the Akrātikatêjê people; Manuel, a leader of the Munduruku people, and José Manuyama, a teacher of Kocama origin, and with them defend their lands against illegal mining and deforestation.

The fourth prize was awarded to the film “Billy and Molly: A Love Story” as the best film in the festival.

Set in the remote Scottish Shetland Islands, this British film from director Charlie Hamilton James depicts a poignant love story between a wild otter and a man.

More than 3,000 people gathered in the cinema hall of the House of Cultures during various cinema events and forums that brought together 28 experts, including environmental specialists, directors and audio-visual producers.

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30 productions from 14 countries were presented, such as Nicaragua, the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Austria, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Italy, France, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“During these days, we had the honor of presenting 13 premieres in Ecuador; two premieres in Latin America and two world premieres, where the short film “El Oso Andino” by Ecuadorians Fernanda Gallardo and Jorge Pérez Gago stood out.” Reported Ricardo Centeno, Festival Director.

ECOador has been carried out without interruption since 2016 with the aim of contributing to the creation of an environmental culture in the country through cinema, with new films addressing global and local challenges. Evie


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