Entering medicine has become easier with this baccalaureate

It was decided to study A The health profession is like medicine He always has Great professional weight. Students who choose these options know that the complexity and high demand these degrees require Great setup, long before the long-awaited arrival of EBAU. For this reason, there are private or subsidized centers that classify bachelor’s degrees, which in government schools are known as Bachelor of Science and Technology. Bachelor of Health Sciences. However, this high school model has also previously been integrated into public centres. This very specific bifurcation of the last two courses before entering university allows students to do this Quickly specialize in knowledge in the health field And pave the way for his future level of health.

Royal Decree No. 243/2022 dated April 5 establishing Organization and minimum level of baccalaureate teachingstipulates that the modalities that can be offered by educational departments and, where appropriate, educational centers are Bachelor of Arts, Science and TechnologyGeneral, human and social sciences.

“If they want to get to university through the baccalaureate This is the only optionalthough Alternative access through a high-level training course “It can also be a good option for accessing nursing,” he explains. Medical writing Johnny IbarluciaBachelor of Health teacher at Bilbao School Zabalburu Ikastetxea S.Coop. Ibarlucia insists that this method arose because the “professional” motivation within it is higher than in other methods.

“Many students choose this method because… They have made it clear that in the future they would like to pursue a career in healthcare Such as medicine or nursing, and in many other cases, even though they are not clear about the specific profession, they know that they want to develop professionally in that field.”

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Within this bachelor’s degree, Students demand to ‘get a good foundation’ for these health professions. This is how he explains it to this newspaper Felix MarquezQuality Coordinator and Professor of Baccalaureate Health at the Madrid Center Sauces in cobendas. “One of the things that makes us most proud is that when they come into careers like medicine or nursing, they feel confident that they will be able to do good courses at university. We are all competing so that our students get a good grade, but we also want them to wear one A good foundation in chemistry, mathematics or biology“He comments.

What subjects does the Bachelor of Health Sciences study?

These two schools offer Topics within the Bachelor of Health Sciences Chosen to ensure a good foundation for facing university as a new medical student, for example. In the case of Bachelor of Health Zabalboro SchoolSubjects such as Language, Basque, English, Physical Education, Philosophy, Scientific Culture or Computer Science are offered in the first year. In addition, those relevant to a future healthcare profession are: Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or geology. In the second year, biology, physics and chemistry are promoted as unique subjects, in addition to the core subjects separately.

“Taking ‘extra’ subjects in a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree allows students to have an advantage when it comes to improving their EBAU results and giving weightage to medicine”

In the case of the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree you are studying WillowThe topic catalog is also extensive. In addition to basic topics similar to those mentioned above, there are others “Elective cores” such as biology and geology or physics and chemistry. For a Bachelor of Health programme, electives are usually “selected” e.g Applied anatomy, scientific culture, information technology Or another foreign language. Moreover, in the second year of Los Sauces High School, the selected subject pool contains interesting options for university with health degree such as psychology.

“When they get to their second year of high school, the idea is that they choose maths, chemistry and biology. Sometimes we take physics as an elective, because Facing EBAU, you can consider medicineWe always try to give them the option to study these subjects so that they can play with them in the exams. Subjects such as physics Art history represents an extra load of work and effort, however, when it comes to getting to EBAUOwns Different combinations can allow them to play with an advantage. “At the specific stage they only consider two topics, and we try to make them deal with three or four specific topics so that they adapt to the best results they can get,” Marquez explains.

What extras does the Bachelor of Health offer?

From central Los Sauces, Marquez insists they have some Lessons with students scheduled for April, with the teacher and head of studies. “They meet with the students, and after seeing the course results, we try to organize a personal strategy for each student based on the university studies they want to pursue, so that at EBAU they can improve the results.” He specifies.

In the case of Zabalburu, Ibarlos points out that the topic of laboratory practices was previously introduced but with one of the baccalaureate reforms, this topic disappeared. “Right now, even though this topic is not offered, they are doing some things in biology and chemistry Practical activities in CFGS laboratories He concludes his speech by saying: “The analysis, quality control, clinical and biomedical laboratories that we provide in our center.”

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