England sends half a dozen; The United States and Welsh split points after the second round

Mexico City. – The San Francisco 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals 38-10 in the NFL’s official game in Mexico City, a rematch of the 2005 game in which the Monterrey Cardinals’ Rolando Cantu emerged victorious from the Mexican capital.

It might interest you England sends half a dozen; The United States and Welsh split points after the second round

The NFL has returned to Mexico City after a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arizona started winning the Colossus of Santa Úrsula after a second offensive streak in which they managed to advance 58 yards, however, the 49ers defense prevented them from finishing in the Diagonals, but could not against a 40-yard field goal from Matt Prater, who put the first three points on the scoreboard.

At the start of the second quarter, San Francisco’s offense was enlivened with the Weightlifters: Christian McCaffrey, Debo Samuel and George Keitel, though it was ultimately Brandon Ayuk who, with a seven-yard reception, scored his first touchdown. season. the night.

The Gulf team dominated the majority of the match

As has been the case all season, the Niners defense showed strength and made the big play after Jimmie Ward intercepted a pass from Colt McCoy, who replaced superstar Kyler Murray, who had injured his hamstring from the offseason. Week 8.

And Ward’s defensive success paid off, as recovering the ball allowed George Keitel to increase the lead after a 39-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo, who came out of the pocket and found the University of Iowa.

The Cardinals rallied late in the first half. A 47-yard lead by Greg Dortch brought Arizona closer to the promised zone, which it reached through James Conner, putting the Cards up 14-10 and against upsetting Estadio Azteca, which provided the majority of the Niner.

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The 49ers advanced 59 yards on their last offensive drive of the first half, however, they couldn’t finish it with a touchdown but they did on points, as Robbie Gould kicked a 39-yard field goal that made the score 17-10.

Over 78,000 fans of Colossus of Santa rsula

San Francisco accelerated their offense early in the second half and took the lead the way they know best: on the floor and through Elijah Mitchell, McCaffrey and Samuel. It was precisely the latter that put the score up 24-10, accompanied by Gould’s extra touchdown, after a 39-yard run that drove the Azteca mad.

Those defense, led by Kyle Shanahan, continued in the same mood but their offense stepped up the accelerator and after a seven-play 52-yard offensive streak, Ayuk reemerged with a 13-yard reception that culminated in the promised zone. ahead of Niners by 21.

San Francisco perimeter D’Andre stopped Hopkins in the second half, choking off any chance for the Cardinals to revive the game with an erratic McCoy at the controls.

Kittle got his second score of the night after a 32-yard reception that would make the score 38-10.

With that score, the San Francisco 49ers put their mark 6-4, tying the Seattle Seahawks at the top of the National Conference West. For their part, the Cardinals took their mark to four wins and seven losses.

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