England owner Chelsea cannot live in the UK

He arrived in London in 2003. Billionaire Roman Abramovich I buy Chelseawho went from being an eternal contender, to conquering all possible titles at club level. His connections to Vladimir Putin, and the Ukraine-Russia crisis, will prevent him from living in the UK or applying for British citizenship.

Already in 2018, he withdrew his investor visa application after he poisoned a former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury.This creates tension between the United Kingdom and Russia. Then, Abramovich applied for Israeli citizenship, a passport he used to visit the country.

And on Tuesday, his name was one of 35 members of the oligarchy identified by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny as a major supporter of Putin. Something Abramovich denies. also appeared Arsenal investor Alisher Usmanov. The British Parliament has upheld the sanctions against them, and the Home Office as well as immigration agents have the task of preventing them from settling in the UK.

Abramovich never did this, despite the fact that, in addition to Chelsea, he owns a mansion worth more than 150 million euros and giant yachts such as Solaris (estimated at more than 540 million euros) and Evraz, a mining giant. Steel is listed on the London Stock Exchange. He made the bulk of his fortune by buying and selling public assets of the Soviet Union when it was dissolved.

Secretary of State Liz Truss explained in Parliament: “We have a long list of accomplices in the actions of the Russian leader. If Russia refuses to withdraw its forces, we will have to increase the pressure and target more banks, elites and big business.. The intent is to harm Putin and undermine the Russian economic system over time, and to target those close to Putin.”

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