Energy for millions of years, but it could destroy the planet

there Titanic field Which are intended to be placed under the sun in the hope of capturing the energy that will feed us for millions of years. However, it has a big “trick”: it can destroy the planet. Land. More and more proposals to exploit the sun's energy are appearing on the scene, such as an invention in which solar energy is thrown into the sea.

But nothing I've seen can compare to the massive ball designed to harness all the sun's energy.

Some consider this field to be the mother of all giant structures, placing it above all projects ever created by man.


The Dyson Ball, the giant ball that could kill us

Anglo-American physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson This concept was first discussed in a 1960 scientific paper entitled “The Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Light.”

In his opinion, there will come a time when a technologically advanced civilization will need to dramatically improve its energy harvesting systems to meet its needs and continue to evolve. He proposed collecting energy directly from the Sun by surrounding the star to collect more energy than could be used from the Earth's surface.

In the case of the solar system, the amount of energy it generates is enough to cover a billion times the world's current energy needs. Landaccording to an article by The universe today. To take advantage of all the benefits of the sun, a large, strong structure must be built to surround the sun Dyson field.

A giant sphere that could end the Earth

However, making this giant sphere would require a large amount of materials and resources. Assuming the existence of a civilization with this number of resources, part of this planet or planets must be dismantled to achieve this purpose.

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As a result, it is no longer possible to live there. Dyson He put it this way in an article published in the 1960s: “One should expect that, within a few thousand years of entering the stage of artificial evolution, any intelligent surface will find itself occupying an artificial biosphere entirely surrounding its parent star.”

Upon getting down to business, the members of the civilization would end up living in this artificial biosphere without having to worry about lack of energy to continue evolving.

The giant sphere has drawbacks

Point against Dyson field is that the sunlight would be partially dimmed to distant cosmic observers (if they exist). On the other hand, infrared radiation will not disappear, which means it can be detected light-years away.

“If infrared telescopes detect a warm object, but nothing appears at visible wavelengths, it may be a warm object.” Dyson field“, said Carl Sagan in 1966.

According to the magazine new worldled team Jason Wrightprofessor of astronomy and astrophysics at University of Pennsylvania Uses data from Spitzer Space Telescope and the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) space telescope to search for fields Dyson From other civilizations.

Experts believe they can detect these objects thanks to infrared mirror measurements. They are confident that if A Dyson field The circumference of a star equivalent to the Sun can be easily detected.

Why could this giant ball be dangerous?

despite this Titanic field Created to make the most of the sun's energy, it could mean the end of our planet. On the one hand, it would reveal our place in the universe, and on the other hand, it might fail and leave the planet without natural light, with freezing temperatures.

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So far, it's an idea. This means that currently, if we want to take advantage of the sun's energy, we will have to use inventions such as classic solar panels.

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