Emma Watson wears jeans with Adidas Samba sneakers in the park

Emma Watson She has just shown that her style can go from the most classic, sophisticated and avant-garde to the more relaxed – without losing the elegant air that defines her. As if it were an archive photo from the nineties British actress Add a nostalgic vibe with this skinny jeans and leather jacket look Large in size And Adidas Samba tennis shoes Who took him to have coffee with a friend in a London park.

And let’s accept the fact, when a famous person like Emma Watson wears a style that can easily be adopted by us, it’s time to get down to business and take a closer look at the details!

How to wear jeans with Adidas Samba shoes according to Emma Watson?

Emma Watson wears Adidas Samba shoes with black jeans.

Grosby Group

The famous Harry Potter actress I took some Skinny jeans with short hem A black frayed hem, matched with a gray T-shirt and leather lapel jacket, is a piece that epitomizes ’90s style. The autumn weather has already begun to do its work in the UK, and the actress accessorized the outfit with a black scarf. Jewel outfit? they Adidas Samba In black, it is the piece that has been added to celebrities’ favorite sports shoes.

What’s most interesting is the common thread that unites models and Hollywood stars when they wear samba: it’s about wearing comfortable pieces, ones that are far from pretentious. For example, Jennifer Lawrence wore these baggy pants and a lavender jacket. Kaia Gerber, on the other hand, did it in simple style, with a brown suede coat and black Adidas Samba sneakers.

Jennifer Lawrence with wide trousers and Adidas Samba sneakers.

Courtesy of the Grosby Collection

Kaia Gerber wears classic celebrity sneakers with a chic coat.

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images.

Either way, the hairstyle matches the purpose of the look. Emma Watson wore a ponytail which added a touch of carefreeness. After all, they are stars, but they are also people who walk around town on the weekends.

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