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Abu Dhabi, September 2021 (WAM) – The UAE Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mansour Abdullah Khalfan Belhoul, said that Dubai Expo 2020 represents the hopes and aspirations of young people around the world and represents an inspiring platform to connect minds and enhance international cooperation.

In an exclusive interview with the Emirates News Agency on the occasion of the launch of Expo 2020 in Dubai on October 1, 2021, Belhoul stressed that the return of the Expo to normal highlights the UAE’s cooperation with international partners in formulating future goals, with a focus on comprehensive sustainability, health and safety.

Adding that the bilateral relations between the UAE and the UK are witnessing progress in all fields, especially in investment, trade, health, energy, education, space, food security and technology.

He added that the design of the British pavilion at the exhibition was inspired by the “breakthrough message” project of the late Stephen Hawking, and would invite visitors from all over the world to reflect deeply on the important message of expressing ourselves as one planet.

The pavilion in the Opportunity Zone, with the theme ‘Innovating for a Shared Future’, aims to show how closely the UK is cooperating with other countries in finding solutions to global problems.

On the event’s role in promoting teamwork, Belhoul highlighted the fact that the Expo will host 200 participants from 192 countries, in addition to many multilateral organizations, companies and educational centers.

Noting that the post-Covid-19 era will impose a series of economic, developmental and cultural challenges that must be resolved with international partners, noting that some of these challenges are in line with the pillars of the exhibition, which include opportunities and transportation. and sustainability.

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On the international role of the exhibition in promoting the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and human brotherhood, he explained that tolerance, coexistence and peace are values ​​instilled by the Emirati society, and the state wishes to enhance them through interaction and interaction. Teamwork.

“Expo 2020 Dubai, like the Emirates mission to explore Mars and the Hope Probe, is a symbol of the aspirations and hopes of young people for the future,” Belhoul said, noting that his educational program and school program will witness a series of visits. For students from high schools and universities in the UAE and around the world.

He added that young people will be able to explore the best inspiring innovations in all areas, such as sustainable agriculture, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Speaking about climate change, which is a fundamental pillar of Expo 2020 Dubai, he said that climate change is a major challenge that requires a unified global response based on innovation, cooperation and inspiration, explaining that the UAE plays a key role in this regard. We have launched several pioneering initiatives in the field of sustainability, such as hosting the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), organizing Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, building the world’s largest solar power plant, and developing Masdar City.

He said that holding the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Abu Dhabi in 2023 would be an ideal opportunity to strengthen international collective action to address climate change, adding that the celebration of Expo 2020 in Abu Dhabi. Dubai, which coincides with the country’s golden jubilee, is also an ideal opportunity to reflect on the history and major achievements of the country.

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Translated by: a. Abdul Azim http://wam.ae/ar/details/1395302971774

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