Elon Musk reopens Twitter for Donald Trump and ignores him

this saturday, Elon Musk He confirmed what was an open secret: Twitter He reopened his door to Donald Trump. However, the former president of United State remained silent on social network, ignoring her new owner’s goodwill gesture. Will Trump return to the crazy tweet? So far, his silence has a possible cause and it is because of his work.

In January 2021, the former Twitter board of directors permanently banned the account of the former chairman of United States of America After induction A violent mob stormed the Capitol Washington with the intention of stopping the certification of his presidential victory Joe Biden. Refusing to accept his defeat at the polls, Trump used his popular account on the platform to encourage the idea of ​​a Electoral fraudIt is a false accusation rejected by all judges and even denied by his senior advisors.

Trump didn’t care. He used false pretenses to amass millions and find their way among the most extreme voters. For years and with almost no control, Trump has already used Twitter as a propaganda spokesperson for Discuss masses with other diverse theories about Conspiracycirculating what until then had been marginalized within the confines of the Internet.

It changes with musk

Musk’s arrival changes everything. Even before you finish committing to Twitter purchase agreement worth 41,000 million of euros, the billionaire was against permanent suspension. Once in office, Musk reiterated his desire to reopen the platform’s doors to Trump, a decision that paid off on Saturday after users were slapped “yes” by 51.8% in a vote. vote Open that fired. four days ago, Trump has officially submitted his candidacy for Presidential election from 2024.

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As of Saturday, Trump’s Twitter account is back online. It started from scratch without any followers and has since amassed over 87 million followers. However, the last messages that can be read are from January 6-8, 2021, repeating the electoral fraud hoax, asking the rebel gangs to calm down and refuse to attend Biden’s presidential inauguration.

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Why did you stay silent? Just because Trump has Twitter’s doors open doesn’t mean he’ll be back. In fact, his official position thus far had been to turn his back on her. He has previously stated on more than one occasion, “I see no reason (to return).” “We’re not going anywhere,” he added, after asking his followers to take part in Musk’s survey.

This position will answer a question Business. After being expelled from the digital space, in Feb Trump fired social truthYour own platform, to connect there with their community. His intention was also to compete with the big social networks, which he did not achieve. Trump has 87 million followers on Twitter (and growing), while he only has 4.6 million on Truth Social. Thus, your financial interest is in Truth Social while you have it political interest You are on Twitter, which offers you a larger magnification of your banners. Which side will he choose?

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