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From the day to the day of the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom It evokes fascination among those who closely follow the life of the British royal family. The Queen was not only accustomed to luxury, but to wearing colorful costumes to her public appearances, enjoying animals or eating alone certain foods In his daily diet, but at the age of 95 he is also aware of personal care, especially his hands. This is why product can never be missing from your toiletry bag.

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The use of a moisturizing cream that keeps the skin of the hands healthy is a priority in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result of constant washing or the use of alcohol and antiseptic gels and this is well known by the grandmother of Enrique de Sussex.

Isabel II She moisturizes her hands daily, and although Buckingham Palace hasn’t given much detail about her beauty routine, which is a mystery, many international media outlets have an answer to this question.

“Vanity Fair” Few companies have permission royal order To enter the House of Windsor, and one of those is Clarence, who has held a special place for the Queen since her coronation in 1953. “luster” Which the Queen has chosen for years Crème Jeunesse Des Mains which It works on the hands and helps not only to moisturize them but also to restore their youth after continuous use..

Product not lost in toiletry bag Isabel II It also helps reduce the appearance of spots and care for nails. In addition, the Queen takes advantage of the protocol of wearing gloves and a hat to protect herself from the sun’s rays and thus avoid further damage to the face and hands.

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Queen’s Diet

Within the Queen’s personal care, her diet is also taken care of and her menu proposals have been known to be prepared three or more days in advance and are associated with her “religiously”.

“The Queen loves scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and truffle flavour. But he is very thrifty in ordering fresh truffles and only enjoys them at Christmas when they are sent as gifts.”She revealed her former private chef, Darren McGrady.

For lunch choose “Something simple, like fish with vegetables” On Sundays it is grilled and preferably the finished piece of meat well cooked rather than the piece of meat half cooked. There is no shortage of afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace accompanied by appetizers, as for dinner they used to include food from the estate, “Gamebirds, pheasants, grouse, partridge; I loved that they were on the list”.

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