Elementary students were surprised by their work at the science fair

Friday 24 June 2022 | 8:49 pm

From last week, until today, Friday, elementary schools in San Pedro held a science and technology fair. Interest in venturing into this field was evident in the more than 240 papers submitted.

The Projects Gallery has, in some cases, meant the work, dedication and care of teachers, students, and families, who have taken it out since the beginning of the school year and exchange activities with the mid-level. The preparation requires a lot of attention as it includes not only hours of craftsmanship, but also research, interpretation and study, which was shown during this week.

With attendance back to 100%, students are excited and excited about the instance of the department, which is the next step. In schools, there have been various subjects chosen in which knowledge of almost all subjects is applied, they seek to solve problems or needs that exist in their communities as well as to generate awareness about health and care for the environment.

In the case of the 613 full-time school in Topona, the Science and Technology Fair was held yesterday, Thursday, in an integrated manner with CEP 37.

Students presented nine works that parents and other classmates noticed. In this regard, teacher Susanna Pinky said in an interview with Region He pointed out that “it was a fruitful and enriching day, with the participation of the community, where the students presented what they learned, and the responsibility of each group was a sign, an experience that helps them lose the fear of presenting in front of the audience.” .

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On her part, the Elementary Supervisor, Norma Pechak, highlighted the quality and quantity of the subjects offered “amazed and amazed by the quantity and quality of work presented, excellent organization within each school institution where the investigation was neat, more than 240 jobs were viewed and visited by parents. That is only when the educational community is very engaged and committed towards our children.”

From now on, students responsible for about 50 selected works will prepare for the section instance that will take place on August 11 at Normal 14.

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