El Tucu Correa married Italian model Chiara Casiraghi: the Argentines who attended the luxurious wedding

Another football player from the Argentine national team went to the side of the married: Joaquin Correa She married the Italian model Chiara Casiraghi In a lavish wedding in the European country, many Argentine friends and colleagues were welcomed by the player, who came out of the Estudiantes de La Plata youth academy.

he toe co and Chiara, daughter of the former Juventus, Lazio and Chelsea player Pierluigi Casiraghithe striker who wore the shirt of the Italian team and was runner-up in the world in the 1994 US Cup (today he owns City Padel Milano, which is an exclusive sports center that includes tennis courts and a tennis racket), confirmed their romantic relationship in mid-2022 after some rumors that linked them two months ago.

Last summer in Europe, already as friends, enjoyed holidays in paradise destinations like Ibiza and Miami. Luxury yachts, swimming with sharks and surfing lessons, always with a companion nearby so as not to lose the national custom, were some of the items on his itinerary.

Joaquín (28 years old), who has Albiceleste He suspended the 2021 Copa America medals and the 2022 final, but he was excluded from the Qatar World Cup list due to injury. He arrived at Inter Milan two years ago and won four local titles with him. Nouazuru. There he made good friends with Lautaro Martinezwho attended the wedding with his wife Augustine Gandolfo. Other luxury guests were Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini, who usually spend a lot of time with the couple who just put on the ring. In addition to the former tennis player Juan beak MonacoWho knows toe co Since his time in click Because of his fanaticism with the La Plata club, one of the Argentines was invited to the party.

Tuco Correa and the Italian model said “yes”

Chiara Casiraghi (21 years old) is a student of Communication and Fine Arts at the University of Milan. He became a cheerleader in the worst sporting moments: when Lionel Scaloni kept him out of the last World Cup for an annoyance he abused even in the last pre-tournament friendlies and last fall in the Champions League final. Against Manchester City in Istanbul.

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Although Correa was not part of the 26 world champions, the group included them in the celebrations as well as Nicolas Gonzalez (the other injured) and despite not being mentioned by Scaloni in the last two calls (March friendlies in Argentina and the last one a month in Asia), and toe co You still feel part of it and during the festivities at the party there was no shortage of the legendary motif “Muchachos”, which sounded throughout the entire World Cup in Doha.


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