Ecuadorean women support the protest and affirm their demands to the government – Escambrai

How can there be a dialogue if every day the policemen scold the students and our comrades aborigines, throwing bombs and shields?, They are interrogated at the demonstration

The women marched, accompanied by demonstrators from various sectors, towards the vicinity of the National Assembly. (Photo: PL)

Hundreds of women demonstrated this Saturday in Quito to support the national strike, endorse the citizens’ demands and demand that the Ecuadorean government respect the right to resistance.

The demonstration began at various points in the center of Quito, where the women of the Amazon and Sierra progressed to the Central University of Ecuador, which is a region of peace and a center for humanitarian assistance and reception of indigenous people, who have come from other provinces since the beginning of the movements on June 13.

Outside the university scene, representatives from different regions, rural and youth, supported the popular uprising, called by the Union of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONE) and joined by social sectors such as women’s groups, peasants, workers, students and housewives.

We are here to reject the neoliberal policies of the government of this banker (President Guillermo Laso), said a citizen of a neighborhood in southern Quito, which makes life more expensive for every Ecuadorean.

In this regard, he stressed that the city supports Kony and its proposed ten-point agenda on the executive branch to improve the lives of residents, but without specific answers, causing the call to the streets.

In his opinion, the issues of insecurity, concern for the countryside, budget for education and health, job creation, respect for collective rights, reduction of fuel prices, and the fight against speculation, among others demanded by the President and his Ministry, are of benefit to all. Population.

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He called on the people of Quito to take to the streets and not be indifferent to the struggle of the people and for him.

A young woman, representative of the Central University of Ecuador, denounced the police crackdown that students and people associated with the uprising suffer every day, masquerading under a false rhetoric of dialogue by the national government.

How can there be a dialogue if every day the police scold the students, our fellow aborigines, throwing bombs and shields? How do we talk like this?

For its part, a resident of Cotopaxi, on behalf of mothers and workers, defined the national struggle these days as a just cause and against a leadership that lied to get to power, with promises later forgotten.

After several interventions, the women, accompanied by demonstrators from different sectors, marched towards the perimeter of the National Assembly, where they are waiting for the plenary session that will evaluate the request for the impeachment of the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso.

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