Ecuador presidential election 2021: What happens if there is no winner in the second round

Andrean Araws, Union for Hope (Unes) has the support of ex-president Rafael Correa, and is starting as a favorite, along with Guillermo Lasso of the Creando Oportunidades movement (I think), from the center-right. A very close match does not leave a clear winner with an outright majority.

Since January 28, poll results cannot be published due to the election law. However, polls conducted earlier showed that there could be a second round on April 11th. An absolute majority is obtained by more than 50% of the electoral vote or 40% but with a difference of 10% over the second candidate.

The third round?

at this time, The National Electoral Council (CNE) has not published a date for a possible third round in the event of another potential tie in the second round. In principle, the second round is scheduled to be held in Ecuador on April 11th. And according to opinion polls conducted weeks ago, the two favorites will not win on February 7.

And so on , We will have to wait and see how next week’s elections are going And what would happen in a few months’ time in the hypothetical situation is that it is necessary to come out and vote again.

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