Ecuador and the United Kingdom expand cooperation on environmental issues

The legal instrument was signed at Carondelet Palace, the seat of the Presidency of the Republic, by the Ecuadorean President of Environment, Water and Environmental Transformation, Gustavo Manrique, and the British Minister for the Pacific and the Environment, Zach Goldsmith.

The letter of intent to collaborate with the UK Landscape Biodiversity Fund includes a fund of approximately $20 million, which will be set aside to investigate and protect the El Cóndor-Kutukú Corridor.

At a press conference following the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding, the two state ministers noted the benefits of the initiative.

“A few days ago, we focused on ocean conservation by declaring the Hermandad Reserve, which will contribute to the health of marine ecosystems. Today we focus on the Amazon to promote the conservation of our forests, and the research and sustainable development of this biodiversity area of ​​our country,” said Manrique.

For his part, Minister Goldsmith emphasized: “Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and its care includes all of us.”

In this regard, he added that both countries have a common interest in the issues of environmental conservation, combating climate change and poverty reduction, for which they come together to identify the various topics addressed at the recent climate summit in Glasgow.

El Ministerio de Ambiente, Agua y Transición Ecológica precisó que el Fondo de Paisajes Biodiversos de Reino Unido tiene el objetivo de reducir la pobreza, proteger y conservar la biodiversidad, abordar el cambio climático e implementar medigaciás de país adapta everyone.

The tasks to be undertaken will have an impact on the management of protected natural areas, conservation and local management of biodiversity, sustainable forest management, sustainable livelihoods and economic development, landscape connectivity, markets for sustainably produced goods, restoration of forests and carbon reserves, among others.

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