‘Ecopostureo’: UK investigates whether Unilever’s ‘green’ claims about its products and respect for the environment are misleading


The owner of trademarks such as “Cif” or “Dove” makes claims about its products in a way that may exaggerate how “natural” they are.

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the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Examine whether the environmental claims made by you Unilever The UK regulator has announced that some household items, cleaning products and toiletries may be overpriced and misleading to consumers.

This decision comes within the framework of a broader investigation conducted by the Capital Markets Authority into the case “Environmental situation” It arises from concerns about how the owner of trademarks such as “Cif” or “Dove” markets certain products, within some brands, as environmentally friendly.

Last January, the Capital Markets Authority expanded the scope of its work on environmental complaints to include: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)These are basic items that people use daily and repurchase periodically, such as food, beverages, cleaning products, toiletries, and personal care items.

The CMA’s initial review revealed a range of worrying practices and, as part of this work, it decided to launch a formal investigation into Unilever.

In this sense, he notes that some of the statements and language used by the multinational group “appear vague and broad, and They can deceive buyers regarding the environmental impact of those products,” as well as making claims about certain ingredients in a way that may exaggerate how “natural” the product is and thus create an inaccurate or misleading impression.

It also warns that some green claims (particularly regarding recyclability) may not be clear, as they do not specify whether they relate to all or part of the product or packaging, while Unilever’s use of colors and images (such as green leaves) can create A general impression that some products are more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

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As such, the CMA has contacted Unilever and will express its concerns in writing on Tuesday, after which it will use its power. Powers to collect information To obtain more evidence to strengthen their investigations.

How the case develops will depend on what the evidence shows and potential outcomes include securing commitments from Unilever requiring the company to change the way it operates; Taking the company to court; Or close the case without taking any further action.

He added: “A growing number of people are trying to do their part to help protect the environment, but we are concerned that many are being misled by so-called ‘green’ products that are not what they seem.” Sarah CardellExecutive Director of the Capital Markets Authority.

“So far, the evidence we have seen has raised concerns about how Unilever presents some products as environmentally friendly. We will delve deeper into these claims to see if they live up to that. If we find they are ‘taking an environmental stance,’ he added: ‘We will take steps to ensure Buyers protection.

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