Economy: European Parliament warns that the installation of wind turbines at sea has a negative impact on fishing in the EU

Brussels, 7 (European Press)

The European Parliament warned, on Wednesday, of the negative impact on marine life and fishing grounds of the European Union due to the installation of new wind turbines in the sea.

The European Parliament report calls for the “fair participation” of fishers and other interest groups in the decision-making process for building these infrastructures, since, according to MEPs, cooperation can reduce the damage caused by offshore turbines on fish banks and strengthen the relationship between different sectors.

The text also states that the coast and small fishing grounds, in which 80 percent of the European fleet operates, may be particularly affected by the installation of new windmills. That is why they demand compensation from the fishing sector in those cases where access is affected by the construction of wind turbines.

Likewise, they are asking for close cooperation with the UK, given that 85 per cent of this infrastructure is in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Northeast Atlantic, spaces where European fishermen will continue to share fishing grounds with their British colleagues.

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