Economy. Barcelona startup Consentio reported a 713% increase in transactions in 2020

The company, which is improving sales operations in the fruit and vegetable sector, expects business volume to grow by 300% in 2021

Barcelona 25 (Europe Press)

The startup Consentio, which aims to improve the sale of products from the fruit, vegetable and agri-food sector, recorded a 713% increase in transactions on its platform between January and December 2020, as indicated in a statement.

The Barcelona-based company expects to “reach 450,000 tons of fruits and vegetables this year” within the platform and integrate an additional 15,000 companies – which currently have 5,000 -, with a 300% increase in business volume in 2021.

The digital platform recently entered the United Kingdom and the United States and estimates that these markets will account for more than 35% of its turnover by the end of 2021.

Consentio co-founder, Benoît Vandevivere, noted that they are “well received” and expect to exceed 35% of their global size by the end of 2021 in these countries.

Consentio has chosen to expand into the UK after being identified as one of the ‘most innovative countries in perishable items and more mature than the rest of Europe’.


As part of their internationalization strategy, Benoît Vandevivere indicated that they have also received requests from Mexico and Peru, and that they want to improve their operations with the countries they are already in, such as France and Spain.

Vandevivere also highlighted that the Km0 sector and proximity products have seen a boom during the most dangerous period of the pandemic, as “many companies have chosen to introduce local products to supermarkets and businesses in the same geographic region”.

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The digital platform, which has increased its workforce by 25%, recently launched Consentio Pro, an advanced technology version ‘that allows customers to automate and increase sales by 30%, reduce their administrative expenses by up to 50% and eliminate nearly 100% of errors in your orders. “.

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