Duck TV, Clubbing TV and Sofy TV are free channels on Samsung TV Plus

In the past three months, we have received a lot of news on Samsung TV Plus, which is this manufacturer’s free streaming platform available in European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Italy and Spain, In addition to the United States and other countries around the world. These channels are located at the bottom of the channel list, behind DTT, Radio, etc.

In October they merge 8 Pluto TV Channels On Samsung TV Plus such as Pluto Cine, Pluto Cocina, Pluto Animakids, Pluto Kids, MTV Cribs, MTV Catfish, MTV Originals and Comedia Made in Spain. In December it was the turn to fetch 6 new channels Such as Bloomberg TV +, Pluto Mundo Real, Midsomer’s Killers, Super Toons TV, Caillou, and Butaca TV.

New channels in January 2021

In recent days, we have been able to see how the channel list has grown on Samsung TV Plus with the arrival of three new connections. In this case, we have a Mega Max Media kids channel called Duck tv That also arrived in Italy. The other two innovations are TV Clubs, A TV channel dedicated to electronic music, DJ, dance music culture, and Sofy.tvIt is a film channel specializing in short films. Their online platform contains 1700 shorts and 10 new shorts are added every week.

Samsung TV Plus channel list

The full list of channels is as follows after the latest additions:

  • Comedy – Rakuten TV
  • Drama – Rakuten TV
  • Spotlight – Rakuten TV
  • Action – Rakuten TV
  • Euronews Live
  • Euronews
  • MySurf
  • Insight TV
  • See the engine
  • TV with fuel
  • Humane
  • Big names
  • Drama Tele
  • Crime TV
  • Pet group
  • People are amazing
  • Junior Planet
  • Fashion TV
  • Classical harmony
  • the mood
  • Deluxe Lounge HD
  • Quest TV Mix
  • Quest TV Classic
  • Quest TV Jazz and Beyond
  • Pluto Cinema
  • Pluto Kitchen
  • Pluto Enmacids
  • Pluto children
  • MTV Family
  • MTV Catfish
  • MTV Origins
  • Comedy made in Spain
  • Bloomberg TV +
  • Pluto real world
  • Middle-aged killers
  • Super Tone TV
  • Caillou
  • TV chair
  • Duck tv
  • TV Clubs
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