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In the opinion of the Irish Prime Minister, Michael Martin, this maneuver will have a “destabilizing effect” in the region, as the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson travels today to address the issue that maintains the formation of power-sharing. The Belfast CEO was paralyzed among nationalists and unionists after regional elections on May 5.

Martin released this message after meeting in Dublin with Michelle O’Neill, the leader of the British province of Sinn Fein, the winner of that election ahead of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which is refusing to enter the new government until London and Brussels agree. Changes to the protocol.

A statement issued by the Irish government said the two leaders “acknowledged that there were real problems” in implementing this mechanism, but that it “could be resolved” in the context of negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

“This is what the Irish people voted for less than two weeks ago. The fact that the democratically elected assembly cannot meet and function is in no one’s interest,” the memo added.

Taoisach (Irish Prime Minister) assured O’Neill that “only a negotiated outcome” could give “the stability and certainty that Northern Ireland needs”.

London is considering announcing legislation, Tuesday, that gives it powers to stop the application of parts of the controversial protocol, the “Times” revealed, while maintaining the possibility of invoking Article 16 of the agreement, which allows one of the parties to suspend the provisions. that they perceive as harming the economy or social fabric of their lands. (EFE).

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