Dragados begins building its main business in the UK

Heads and tails for its two main offerings shovel in United kingdomwho works with mace, your local partner. Affiliated to ACS I've just started working on it New Curzon Street Station, Birminghamwhile it is unknownWhen flights based at Euston resume in London. Both stations form two terminals HS2, the country's new high-speed line. This is the section that was finally saved from the cuts implemented by the government Rishi SunakAfter the entire infrastructure costs rose to more than £100 billion.

Birmingham authorities and directors of Dragados and Mace recently celebrated the official start of construction of the station which, when completed, will boast of being one of the most sustainable stations in the world, with… Net zero emissions, 2,800 square meters of solar panels and rainwater reuse, For example.

The two companies signed the contract in 2021 and during this time they finished outlining the project. There was excavation work to prepare the ground So that work on the foundations and columns of the building will begin next spring. Which is scheduled to be constructed next summer. Tests and pre-commissioning will take place between 2026 and the fall of 2028, if there are no delays.

The works were awarded for 570 million pounds sterling (667 million euros). When completed, they will connect the UK's two most populous cities in 49 minutes, 27 minutes less than the fastest trains currently running.

from Birmingham You can continue towards Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, Although without high speed, after the project was canceled last October (the Labor Party does not intend to restore the project if it wins the next elections). The Birmingham stop is the main event the group headed by Florentino Pérez is conducting in the UK today.

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When Curzon Street opens, Trains will not be able to reach central London, but passengers will likely have to get off on the outskirts of the British capital (at Old Oak).Because construction of the city's AVE station has been halted for a year. Critics point out that time gained by speeding will be lost – and even more – in getting to central London.

They repeat

The same companies that won the Birmingham facilities had previously won in 2019, Contract worth £1,512 million (€1,772 million) That there are doubts about almost everything.

The main thing is absolutely wasted: Downing Street made it clear at the time that Euston would be executed. The work, which stopped today, had begun with a huge plot of land in central London and hundreds of workers who had to be moved overnight. Exactly what project will eventually be undertaken, and how it will be paid for, and the dates are unknown.

For example, utilities will go from eleven platforms to six, but it is not clear that this will also be the case. The government confirms that it will not contribute a single penny of public money and that it depends on the cost of the works on urban reuseAs happened with other central environments, such as the Battersea area.

Mace and Dragados proposed to the British Executive a plan to finance the facilities, which has not received any response from the government at present.As mentioned last December by Mark Reynolds, Mace's construction director, he regretted that the CEO had asked them to offer special financing and that talks had not continued after that. toConstruction companies will have to build a station with a budget similar to that granted, but with a much lower capacity. ACS sources declined to comment.

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